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Preliminary screening tool

The second step is to use the Center's Screening Tool. This tool will allow you to see how the Center would view your company as a potential applicant.  The accompanying User’s Guide is instructive, because it makes the Center’s selection biases very explicit. We encourage you to “play” with it, so you can see how various “tweaks” to your company and its strategy might help. Bear in mind that – even though the Center’s Screening Tool runs on a zero to 100 scale—the Center’s  “sweet spot” to add value to your company in timely fashion has a score in the range of 50-80. A score below 50 indicates that you may have to think through or develop certain aspects of your idea further before you would benefit from the services of the McGovern Center. Likewise a score much above 80 indicates that you might be too far along and can operate on your own without great need or benefit from the Center's services. Ultimately, Center Staff prepare our own Screening Tool evaluation of your company as well.

Preliminary Screening Tool (excel file)