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About us

Our Charter

Download the McGovern Organizational Charter

Our Mission

The mission of the McGovern Center is to foster the development of early-stage Cornell life science startups and, in doing so, will seek return on investment to Cornell faculty/staff/employee inventors and will seek increased/retained employment and economic development for New York State.

Operating Principles

The McGovern Center and its staff is committed to operation in a manner that is:

  • Transparent and open with respect to program organization and selection methodology
  • In the best interest of the University, protective of clients’ privacy and intellectual property
  • Collaborative with and complementary to CCTEC, the Institute for Biotechnology and other University support resources
  • Consistent with all University’s policies and established practices (link to: Policy on Conflicts, Policy on Inventions and Related Property Rights
  • A mutually respectful partnership with our clients


The Center’s goals are to:

  • Leverage breadth of expertise developed through the Institute for Biotechnology and CCTEC through organizational alignment;
  • Provide clear contact points for investors and corporate contacts, and for inventors and businesses;
  • Reduce duplication of effort and increase value of education, outreach, and business planning;
  • Incorporate an incubator facility
  • Make available entrepreneurial advisory, educational, collaboration, and business planning opportunities extending to the Cornell community.