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The Center's Program Overview

The Kevin M. McGovern Family Center for Venture Development in the Life Sciences focuses on facilitating R&D to “proof of principle”, building the management team, validating the business plan, and accelerating venture or industrial investment for selected Cornell spinoffs. The Center maintains a state-of-the-art incubator facility on Cornell’s Ithaca campus.

In general, the Center is designed to accelerate the process by which its clients reach self-sufficiency. This could be through either:

  • Profitability on product sales,
  • Significant venture capital or industrial investment, and/or
  • Acquisition

Each Center client will have its own unique and specific “invest-ability” needs to be addressed in its own individual incubation program. 

In general the Center focuses on adding value to its clients in four critical areas:

Technology / Product Development Acceleration

by allowing clients to focus their resources and staff time on carrying out development and proof of concept testing. We provide:

  • early-state office space and state-of the-art lab space
  • a pre-established permit structure,
  • shared access to a wide array of specialized laboratory equipment within the Center
  • convenient access to the University’s many life science core research facilities and other support resources nearby.

Business Planning Acceleration by :

  • providing business planning expertise and support
  • validation and strengthening business plans through research and guidance from Johnson School and Dyson School faculty and students
  • use of outside consultants and vendors, as required.

Management Acceleration through:

  • mentorship by experienced Center staff
  • engaging experienced innovators and alumni
  • coordination of access to business start-up expertise, including service vendors, management talent, entrepreneurial experts, and alumni networks
  • management recruiting as required.

Investment Acceleration via:

  • facilitated connection with appropriate investors, grantors, and other financial resources.