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Company Alumni

The following companies have moved on from the McGovern Center:


      - entry date: October, 2013


Profile: Seraph Robotics is at the forefront of the 3D printing and rapid manufacturing revolution. Their premiere product, the Fab@Home Model 3, is a micro-industrial robot designed for versatility.


Year Founded: 2013

President and CEO: Adam Tow & Jeffrey Lipton

Exit: January, 2016




   - entry date: February, 2014


Profile: Agronomics improves agricultural productivity through precision software and data. Their first product, Adapt-N, is the most advanced nitrogen optimization tool available for corn growers. Proven to generate over $30/acre profit for the grower, Adapt-N breaks the tradeoff between economics and environmental sustainability. As a result, companies like Walmart are already recommending their suppliers employ Adapt-N to unlock yield and reduce their footprint.


Year Founded: 2013

President and CEO: Steven Sibulkin & Greg Levow

Exit: January 9, 2015



 - entry date: June 2012


Profile : Glycobia is committed to rapidly commercializing new and affordable biotherapeutic drugs synthesized from the bottom-up. Glycobia employs proprietary BUG™ (bottom-up glycoengineering) technology to design bacteria that produce novel and enhanced biotherapeutics to address unmet medical needs.


Year Founded: 2010

Founder: Matthew P. DeLisa

Exit: August 2015




-  entry date: Nov. 2013


Profile: ArcScan, Inc. has developed break though imaging technology for the eye. Many ophthalmologists feel its patented Artemis 3 (shown above) VHF Ultrasound Arc Scanner will change ophthalmology the way MRI changed radiology.


Year Founded: 2008

President and CEO: Andrew Levine

Exit: May 2015





      entry date: March, 2012


Profile: DNANO merges DNA and nanotechnology to stand at the forefront of the new field of nanomedicine.  DNANO Systems LLC fabricates small three-dimensional DNA dendrimers from strands that are half complementary to one another and that self assemble with near 100 percent yield and specificity. The resulting X-, Y-, and T-shaped DNA “legos” serve as the basic building blocks for a full spectrum of life science products:  cell-free protein expression, molecular diagnostics, immune-stimulant and immune-suppressive drugs, and drug delivery.


Year Founded: 2004

President and CEO: Al Biloski

Founder and Chief Scientific Advisor: Dan Luo

Exit: April 5, 2013